This is a blog about drama and about being a mama….(the “duh” part might come in here).

But wait, there’s more.

I’m in the middle of a lot of things these days.  I think they call me, midlife.  Oh, that reminds me:  Quick story.   After I had my daughter, I was deliriously happy. I mean, those hormones were tip top.  Anyway, I seriously thought about becoming a midwife.  I mean, I bought books and studied. It just hit me right now that if I had become a midwife, I could be calling this blog, “The midlife midwife.”  Alas, I never became a midwife and a blog title now sits in despair.  But, I digress.

And this actually leads me to my point.  Digression will be a major characteristic of this blog.  I have always taken the curvy road, the longest way, the blah di blah less traveled….you get it.  So put your seatbelt on, and your roadtrip music.  There are snacks in the cooler in the backseat.

I’m a fan of Gloria Anzaldua.  She writes about nepantla, the Aztec state of being “in-between”.  She goes on to explain that this liminal state is a place of critical growth, a place where we can make big changes in our lives.  If we allow ourselves to relax into the state of not being entirely in control.  If we allow ourselves to be nimble, flexible, mindful.  If we encourage ourselves to see with both the emic and etic perspective.

So, here I am in my midlife.  I’m a recent mother, (toddler, oh, you’ll hear plenty about her), a Chicana who actually turns out to have more Scottish and Ancient Afghani than Mayan in her, but oh well.

I hold a Ph.D. in Culture, Literacy, and Language, I am the owner of an emerging theatre company, a wife of a really super husband.  I’m and epileptic with psoriasis (and you’ll hear about those), a feminist, and as it happily turns out, I’ve just entered perimenopause.

And I plan to write about all of this because I figure that either I’m unique enough to be interesting, or enough people share my perspective that I actually fill a  niche–and what a weird and fun niche it would be.

Either way, I write and win.  I win, by getting all of this out, by questioning, by figuring it all out.  hmmm…getting it out.  I guess this blog is my midlife midwife. (yeah, I went there, and above all that tells me I should go to bed, so I’ll stop.  I promise).

Hope to see you around.  Write comments.  I love them.